All India
Pastors' Conference

Encouragement. Equipment. Edification. Friendship.

A Conference in India, for the Church in India, by Pastors in India

For Whom

Pastors, Interns, Seminary Students, Lay Leaders, Aspiring Elders, and Any Men who Love the Church.


25th to 27th September, 2024.


GCC Hotel and Club, Mumbai



All India Pastors’ Conference Exists for
Encouragement, Equipment, Edification and Friendship
for Pastors of Evangelical Churches
in the Reformed Tradition throughout India.


Pastors from Across India


Ajay Thomas

Pastor of Seven Mile Road Church, Philadelphia


Anand Samuel

Pastor of Grace Evangelical Church, Sharjah


Benjamin George

Pastor of Grace City Church, Cochin


Chandran Samuel

Pastor of Delhi Bible Fellowship, Dwarka


C. Stephen David

Pastor of Ekklesia Evangelical Fellowship, Hyderabad


H. Harshit Singh

Pastor of Satya Vachan Church, Lucknow


Nathan Eda

Pastor of Community Bible Church, Navi Mumbai


Vineet Sasane

Pastor of Jeevant Asha Bible Church, Pune

*Registrations are now open!


Early Bird pricing applicable until August 15th, 2024

Quadruple Sharing
Triple Sharing
Double Sharing
Maximum 4 guests
Maximum 3 guests
Maximum 2 guests
4 Guests!
Triple Occupancy
2 Guests
₹3999/- per person
₹5999/- per person
₹9999/- per person




Starts: Sep 25, @ 2:00 PM and Ends: Sep 27 @ 3:00 PM


Day 1
Starts: Sep 26, 2:00 AM
Ends: Sep 26 @ 10:00 PM

Breakout session 1

1.Expositional Preaching 101
2.How to preach from OT Narrative
3.How to preach from the Psalms

Day 2
Starts: Sep 27, 9:00 AM
Ends: Sep 27 @ 10:00 PM

Breakout session 2

1.Expositional Preaching 102
2.How to preach from Wisdom Literature
3.How to preach from the Gospels

Day 3
Starts: Sep 28, 9:00 AM
Ends: Sep 28 @ 3:00 PM

Breakout session 2

1.Expositional Preaching 103
2.How to preach from a Parable
3.How to preach from the Epistles

*Please plan to attend all the sessions

Main Sessions

Indian Pastors from across the country will preach biblically-rooted sermons, particularly focusing on the expositions on the letters to the seven churches in Revelation, to address and prepare for the challenges churches face today. These sessions provide timeless lessons on faith, perseverance, and spiritual diligence. They aim to help participants deepen their understanding of the scriptures and apply these lessons to their current situations, fostering a stronger, more resilient faith community.

Breakout Sessions

Several Indian Pastors will lead sessions on various topics related to the main sessions. Participants will be able to choose from among simultaneously run sessions and attend the sessions they are interested in. There is also an opportunity to ask questions and think together about the topic being covered.

Panel Discussion

Panellists, who are pastors of churches from across the country, will help the participants digest the content from the sessions by making clarifications, tackling difficult questions and fleshing out more implications. Panellists seek to draw on their personal experience as they offer biblically grounded answers. Participants have the opportunity to ask questions which would be beneficial for all. These often lead to stimulating conversations which continue over meals.

In the times of singing, pastors will lead in worshipping God through song. The songs are selected carefully to ensure that they are biblically and theologically sound, as well as well-suited for congregational singing. It is a joy to hear the voices of participants from across the country join in singing praises to our Triune God.
The conference provides a unique opportunity to meet brothers in ministry from across the country. Along with meal times, the schedule makes room for time in which pastors can interact with one another and build friendships and partnerships. Over the last few years it has been encouraging to see several friendships and gospel partnerships blossoming as a result of relationships forged at the conference.

Free Books

Our sponsors, For The Truth, will give each participant free books. These carefully selected books are a means of blessing and encouraging pastors with excellent resources that will help them persevere and grow stronger in their faith. We hope that these books will help pastors continue learning and also encourage their church members to read good Christian literature. Please ensure that you have enough empty space in your bags to take some books back with you!

Exclusive Bookstore

The conference will host an exclusive bookstore by sponsors For The Truth. A vast collection of books will be available for participants to purchase at special discounts. Pastors can use this opportunity to build their personal libraries and also buy books to help fellow-pastors and church members to grow in their ministry and discipleship.

Partner Stalls
Participants will have the opportunity to learn about how they can benefit from as well as partner with faithful ministries from across the country. Representatives from the ministries are available to provide information as well as guide participants in any way they need. The ministries include seminaries, and other ministries which are working to enrich churches in India.
Off Mira Bhayander Road,
Mira Road (East),
Mumbai – 401107

For individuals arriving early or extending their stay by one day after the AIPC event, the following accommodation options are available:

1. Quadruple sharing: 1000 per person.
2. Triple sharing: 2000 per person.
3. Double sharing: 2500 per person.

Please note that the payment should be made directly to the hotel.

Check In @12 pm, Wednesday, 25th September.


Option 1: By Train

The closest railway stations to the venue, listed in order of preference, are:
a. Borivali
b. Thane
c. Vasai

a: From Borivali Station

If you arrive in the morning or afternoon, it is advisable to take a local train from Borivali to Mira Road.
However, from 4 PM to 10 PM, the local trains are very crowded, so it’s best to avoid them during this time.
An alternative option during these hours is to take a cab (Uber or Ola) from Borivali to the venue.

b: From Thane Station

If you choose to get down at Thane, you can take an AC Bus to Mira Road, which starts outside Thane station.
Please find the closest bus stop to the venue for a more convenient journey.
Alternatively, you can take a cab (Uber or Ola) from Thane to the venue. However, be prepared for heavy traffic during peak hours, i.e., early morning or after 4 PM.

c: If Your Train Passes Through Thane

If your train route includes Thane but is bound for destinations like CST, LTT, Mumbai Central, or Dadar, you can take local trains from there to Mira Road.

Option 2: By Flight

The distance between Mumbai Airport (BOM) and GCC Hotel and Club, Mumbai is 21 km. The road distance is 22.7 km. The journey takes approximately 1 hour and 17 minutes.

For those arriving by flight, you will either land at the Domestic or International airport, depending on your carrier.
The best way to reach the venue from either airport is to take a cab (Uber or Ola).

Additional Information:

To help plan your journey efficiently, you can use the MIndicator app. It provides local train and bus routes, timings, and fare costs.
Avoid taking the local train for transportation between 8 AM to 12 PM or 4 PM to 10 PM due to heavy crowding.
Expect high traffic during these peak hours, so plan your travel accordingly.

We hope this stepwise travel information helps you have a smooth and enjoyable journey to the venue. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us. Looking forward to welcoming you to the event!


Event Information

Plan your Travel

We advise all participants to start planning your travel and book your train or flight tickets in advance. This will help you to get better prices as well as confirmed tickets.

About Us

Who we are?

We are a forum of pastors of evangelical churches in the reformed tradition who have come together for the purpose of encouragement, equipment, edification and fellowship.

What We Do?

An annual event that brings pastors’ from all over the country in order to encourage pastors and to foster a partnership with like-minded brothers and to share resources amongst one another.

Our Goals?

We exist to encourage, equip, edify, foster friendship and build a network/partnership with one another to spark healthy and biblical church-planting movements in the country.

Frequently Asked Question

No, all the accommodation for the conference is in rooms with 2-4 occupants, as it would be in a hotel. Click here to see images of the rooms.

We believe the Bible is clear in its teaching that the office of pastor/elder/presbyter/bishop is reserved for biblically qualified men. So AIPC is only for men who are elders or who aspire to be elders.

No. Group booking is unavailable for AIPC 2024. Please register each participant individually.

1. You can donate during the registration process by entering a higher amount than the registration fee.

2. You can also donate by clicking here and following the instructions for donation.

Yes. However, we encourage you not to have any other commitments for the duration of AIPC 2024 so that you can make full use of every opportunity to learn and network.

No. The registration fee for day scholars is the same as that for people in quadruple accommodation.

Food will be provided for all participants for the duration of the conference.

The participants’ first meal together will be evening tea on the 25th, and the last meal together will be lunch on the 27th.

The first meal participants will share together is evening tea on the 25th of September.

The last meal of the conference will be lunch on the 27th of September.

We advise all participants to start planning your travel and book your train or flight tickets in advance. This will help you to get better prices as well as confirmed tickets.

Since train tickets open four months before the journey, we recommend that you mark your calendars in May so that you can book tickets for September.

The All India Pastors’ Conference is a great opportunity for pastors and men aspiring to ministry to enjoy singing together, sit under faithful preaching by Indian pastors, fellowship with brothers from churches across the country, receive helpful resources for ministry, and encourage one another.

The All India Pastors’ Conference is a collaborative indigenous initiative, led by Indian pastors of evangelical churches from different parts of India who belong to the Reformed tradition.

So far, the conference has happened 6 times (Once in Lucknow, twice in Hyderabad, twice online, and once in Mumbai). This year’s conference will be the 7th All India Pastors’ Conference.

All the sessions and panel discussions and resources will be in English, and so this conference is only for men who can communicate in English.

The dates for this year’s conference are 25th to 27th September, 2024
Check-in starts at 12:00 noon on the 25th
The conference will end after lunch on the 27th (3:00 pm)

AIPC 2024 will take place in GCC Hotel and Club, Mira Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Please click this link to get the exact location and directions: Directions | GCC Hotel and Club

There are 3 options for accommodation.
In “Quadruple Sharing,” each room will be shared by 4 participants.
In “Triple Sharing,” each room will be shared by 3 participants.
In “Double Sharing,” each room will be shared by 2 participants.

The check-in time starts at 12:00 noon on the 25th.

No, participants are requested to make their own arrangements for lunch on the 25th.

Participants can either look for options outside GCC or eat in GCC’s restaurant and pay for themselves.