About Us

The Lord had been putting on the hearts of various pastors in India to see a united forum where pastors of evangelical churches in the reformed tradition could come together for the purpose of encouragement, equipment, edification and fellowship.


Over the last several years many small conferences were organised in various cities which led to several friendships being formed. The purpose of these meetings was to bring local pastors together to equip and encourage them in sound biblical doctrine and to build healthy gospel-centred churches. Many pastors were encouraged and equipped from these conferences and benefited immensely.

In the meantime a need was felt for an annual conference at the national level to encourage like minded pastors of evangelical churches in the reformed tradition and to bring them together. During this process, the idea for All India Pastors’ Conference was birthed. With much prayer and deliberation All India Pastors’ conference was organised in Lucknow from 11th to 13th September, 2018. The theme of the conference was ‘Watch your Life and Doctrine’. The main purpose of the conference was to bring like-minded pastors together from all over India, so that they can build friendships and network and to work for the proclamation of the Gospel, to encourage one another and to challenge one another to be faithful in our lives and ministries.

As a direct result of many of these conferences and then the All India pastors’ Conference was that many new friendships were forged. Many pastors invited each other to their churches and shared pulpits with one another. Several seminars and conferences were organised at local level in partnership with one another in various regions. Partnership and friendships were built which would be mutually beneficial.


We hope that this conference would be an annual event bringing pastors’ from all over the country in order to encourage pastors and to foster a partnership with like-minded brothers and to share resources amongst one another.

All India Pastors’ Conference exists for Encouragement, Equipment, Edification and Friendship for pastors of evangelical churches in the reformed tradition throughout India.

Hopes & Goals:

  • To encourage one another to be faithful in their lives and ministries.
  • To equip one another by sharing resources.
  • To edify one another with sound biblical teaching.
  • To foster friendship and to build a network/partnership with one another.
  • To spark healthy and Biblical church planting movements in the country.